About me, Bailey the Clever Puppy

I am Bailey.  I am a dog.  This is my blog.  I guess you could call it “The Dog’s Blog.”

Or not.  I prefer to call it The Daily Bailey.  Can’t promise daily updates, however, because oftentimes I am too busy with life … you know, things like eating, and running in the grass, and pondering the meaning of life … things that puppies like doing.

Yeah, I am still a puppy.  I was born on July 31, 2011 near Santa Margarita, CA and came home to live with my mom and dad on November 5.  I am a Golden Retriever and love to live up to my name (the retrieving part). I have spent the past several months retrieving things like sticks, and balls, and flower pots, and just about anything that one might find around the yard.  Or house.  If it is retrievable, then it is mine.

And yes, I am writing a blog.  Many of you gentle humans have wondered how such a thing can be possible.  After all, you say, I am just a dog.  How could I possibly paw-nipulate a computer keyboard.  Well, you need to understand that I am a very clever puppy, and besides, there is a well-known precedent for canine creative writing.  I’m sure you have all accepted the fact that Snoopy has written his novel, “It was a dark and stormy night…”  So it stands to reason that a clever puppy could bring this writing ability into the digital age.

I have found a lot of happiness and thought-provoking insight in my short time so far with my humans.  Life has been a big rubber ball, bouncing all over the place, and I look forward to sharing it with you in this blog.  Enjoy.


5 responses to “About me, Bailey the Clever Puppy

  1. Dear Bailey, you are adorable and I wish you as many hits on your blog and you squirrels you would chase in your dreams.

  2. Dear Baily,

    I think your gonna like this blogging thing. I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now…its kinda fun and you get to meet all kinds of fun people! If WordPress has it, make sure you set up the feature to allow bipeds to follow you!


  3. Bai-
    I love your posts – see you on a walk in the near future!!!

  4. Bailey….I am writing for Shawny because the keyboard is not designed for dogger use yet. ” If you lived up here in North Central Washington (the state) I would take you on our hike up on the hill with us. It is really fun scaring heck out of the quail and watching them roar off into the sky or chase the bunnie (not to catch, just to see them run). Well, some day, maybe you will visit. Shawny.” by Shawny’s mom.

    • Shawny, I would love to come up and visit you. Maybe, if learn how to drive dad’s car I can take a trip to visit Lance in Issaquah and you in Wenatchee. I’ve never seen quail before … do they look like ducks? I’ve seen those. – Bailey

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