Catching up on 2016

Hello, gentle humans.  Remember me?  It is I, Bailey.  You haven’t heard much from me this past year.  In fact, you haven’t heard from me at all! I’ve been rather 033quiet, I’m afraid. So I thought that I’d  get back into the picture again, so to speak.  I thought that I’d present a summary of what has happened in this past year that you humans call 2016.

(Of course, it’s been seven years for us dogs, but we will ignore that little fact for right now.)

So let’s see …where to start? We could start by going for a hike. I did that a lot during the year!

Usually I went for hikes up into the hills with dad, but sometimes mom would come along as well.  I love going for these walks. I love getting out and exploring january-2016-346new places. I love sniffing around and finding new scents. I love wagging my tail and meeting new friends, both pups and humans.

Most humans love to see me as well. I get lots of smiles, compliments, and even pats on the head. Of course I am always on my best behavior for these humans. Not as much, however, for some of the pups that I see. Most of them watch me warily, and sometimes we sniff noses or tails and go around in circles. But some of the other pups might growl at me. I just ignore them. I don’t get it … why can’t they just chill and enjoy the company of other dogs … like me?


For Father’s Day I went with dad to a portrait studio and we had the nice lady take a picture of us. I look very well behaved in this picture, don’t I? It looks like I am a very quiet and docile pup.

But don’t let looks deceive you. What you can’t see is that dad is holding my collar so I won’t run off.  There were lots of things in that studio to explore and play with, like toys and balls and, well, lots of rooms to explore. And that is exactly what I did, as soon as this picture was taken. I was back to my usual exuberant, bouncy self. And dad was chasing me all over the place! He needed the exercise!

I wasn’t my bouncy self later in the year, however. I had a sore spot on my hip and mom and dad took me to see the vet. christmas-16-014She gave me some medicine and put me into the cone of shame. I wore this thing for a month before they let me take it off. It is hard to walk, or eat, or sleep, or have any fun at all when wearing that cone. You humans have no idea … you should try it sometime. See if YOU like it!

You might have gathered from my previous writing that I am a very friendly dog, liked by all. christmas-16-161Humans like me, dogs like me (most of them, anyway), and even purry things like me.  (That is, all except the white one who lives inside the house with me.) However, I was totally unprepared for this face-to-face meeting with a young calf. We see cows on lots of our hikes. Usually the calves would run off to mommy when I approached on the path, but this one walked right up to me and sniffed my nose. I sniffed back.  I was very surprised. What does one say to a bovine creature? Woof?  Moo?

How about “Moof?”

This year I also played a lot in our yard. Here I am, carrying this round easter-2016-005orange thing. I was a little miffed at mom, however. I wanted to just lie down and chew it, but she kept taking it away from me and throwing it. I had to keep fetching it.  It was a lot of work.

The important thing here is the writing on the orange thing. That is the company where dad used to work. He must have gotten tired there. More than once, I would guess. If you get tired a second time it is called retired, right? Anyway, that is was dad is. And I think that this retired business means more hikes for me. He will get tired on those walks, too, I bet. But I won’t let him get retired from the hikes.

 A friend of mom’s and dad’s from college came out to visit from Colorado. Her christmas-16-017name is Carolyn and she has two golden retrievers, Oscar and Breck. We all went to a place called Carmel. That is a very dog-friendly town.  A lot of the of the stores even have christmas-16-023water bowls outside their doors from which we pups can drink. And get this: many restaurants let us dogs dine at the same table as our humans! It is a great place to be a dog!

There is also a beach where dogs are allowed to run and play in the ocean. I am looking forward to going back to Carmel, hopefully with Oscar and Breck, to play some more. You can come too! Just let me know, and bring your leash!

christmas-16-148For Christmas I got a new doggie bed and the usual treats. I didn’t get any new stuffed toys to chew on, however. Mom said that I had enough chew toys; dad said that he was tripping on monkeys and dragons and rabbits all over the house. I was a little disappointed.

So I ate my treats and laid down on the new bed, dejected. I like new toys. I need new toys. I want new toys.

Maybe if I keep giving mom and dad these sad puppy-dog eyes they will give in and buy me a new toy? Maybe a dinosaur, or even a troll?! That would be fun!

christmas-16-156Well, I guess that does it for today’s post. As I said before, I know that I have been a terrible blogger this past year. In fact, maybe the name of this blog should be changed. After all, The Daily Bailey just isn’t accurate anymore.  Maybe I should call it The Periodic Bailey? No, that hasn’t been true, either. I could rename it The Irregular Bailey? Or perhaps even The Once-in-a-While Bailey? Well, regardless of what I call it, I will try to post more often this next year. After all, 2017 promises to be very exciting, right? I’m sure that there will be much for a clever pup like me to write about. Probably a full seven dog-years worth!

So, with a hearty “Arf! Arf!” I will all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Look for more of me in the coming weeks. Days, even!


Working Dogs

You know that we dogs are “Gentle Human’s Best Friend”, loving, loyal, and playful. You don’t often think of us as hard-working, and when you do you think first of police dogs and sheep dogs. But we can do all sorts of other things to help you humans. For example, we make excellent protection dogs.

Protection from, perhaps, that nasty, noisy menace that plagues many ponds and lakes.

Protection from geese.

This is Sally, a geese protection pup. Sally1She is hired by companies who want to discourage geese from moving into their ponds. After all, most of you humans know that geese can be very (VERY) messy, and no one cleans up after them with a little scoop and plastic bag.

And geese can be mean, chasing babies and toddlers who wander too close.

So in comes Sally. Sally2Her job is to chase the geese and make them want to go somewhere else. She runs after them on the lawn, or she will swim in the water to chase them away.

But she only chases geese. She leaves the cute duckies and coots and other water fowl alone.

She is very good at what she does.

Making the world a safer place for pups and gentle humans.

iPhone 023Maybe I can be a working dog, too. I am very good at helping in the yard, clearing away fallen trees and branches. I could do this! Yes, I could.

Does anyone need any trees removed?



“Be glad, there’s one place in the world
Where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came,
You want to go where people know, people are all the same,
You want to go where everybody knows your name.”

Good morning, gentle humans. Suzie2I had a wonderful experience a couple of days ago. Dad and I were out for a long hike, as we often are when he is home, and we saw some people on the trail.

You can see them here, in this photo that dad took. They are behind us on the path up the hill. See them?

Well, when we passed them they looked at me and the one in pink suddenly said, “It’s Bailey!”

Suzie1Yessiree dog, she knew my name! Turns out that it was Suzie, with whom dad used to work, and her daughter Morgan. They were out for a long hike, too!

What fun it was to see them. It was like I had always know them, although this was the first time we actually met. Met dog-to-human, that is.

Suzie has read all about me on this blog.

She is probably reading this right now!

Hi, Suzie!

Suzie3After we walked together for a while we separated and went our own ways. I found that the poppies are back! I love these California Poppies … they are so bright and cheerful and happy-making.

And they remind me that Spring is here.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day, a happy-making day, and that you are somewhere where everyone knows your name!



A Bedtime Lesson

Sometimes life can be rough for a gentle, sweet, loving puppy.

Hello, gentle humans. Today I want to talk about a difficult subject, a subject that isn’t so happy. Today I want to talk about others taking what isn’t theirs.

For example, Skye’s human is a friend of my dad’s. Skye and LouIn this photo you can see a picture of Skye, and Skye’s bed. The problem is: That isn’t Skye who is lying on her bed. Instead, it is Lou, who knew that it wasn’t his bed but decided to lay on it anyway. And so what does that leave for Skye?

Right.  No bed.

This seems to be a big problem. A growing problem. And it hits very close to home.

In fact, it’s not even close … it IS in my home.

You can see that even I, this clever and sharing puppy, can be victimized. pup 066Yes, gentle humans, I also lost my bed to an unwanted interloper.

It had been a hard day, a very exciting and busy day, full of running and jumping and playing with sticks.  Dad and I even took another long hike up the mountain.

It was a wonderful day, and by the end I was one very exhausted puppy.

I couldn’t wait to go inside and get a nice, big drink and then settle down on my bed.

But when I got to the bed, I found that it was occupied. Taken. By someone who wasn’t going to give it up.

And where did that leave me?

Right. No bed.

Don’t get me wrong, gentle humans. 327I don’t mind sharing my bed with others. But sharing means that we both get a piece of it. Sharing means we take turns. Sharing means that we both get to sleep on the bed.

Sharing is so much nicer.

So I hope, gentle humans, that you have learned a lesson here today. Are you willing to share? Will you share YOUR bed with YOUR puppy?

Day of the Puppies

Hello, gentle humans. Did you know what yesterday was? Many of you do, because I saw your posts on Facebook (I was reading over dad’s shoulder). Many of you posted pictures of cute puppies, Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018abecause yesterday was Happy Puppy Day!

Here is a picture of yours truly when I was just a little pup. In fact, this was the very day that I chose mom and dad to be my people. In case you haven’t read my earliest posts, or maybe you’ve just forgotten, but they came to visit my brothers and me, and were overwhelmed by all the puppy-mania running around the yard, and couldn’t decide which one they liked best, so I helped out by choosing them! Once they saw how cute and adorable I was they couldn’t resist.

Today, of course, I am a much bigger dog, but some of you say that I’m just a big puppy. True, I still do like to run and jump and play like a puppy, but I am now one of the Big Dogs. If you want to see a puppy, you should photo+1see what Melanie got recently … not only is this a puppy, but it is a LITTLE puppy!

When this little pup came to their house, she told me that it was very small, and very cute, and very noisy! I can imagine, because it probably missed its mom and family very much. But I think that it has gotten used to living with them.

They call it Hobbit.

I guess that the name fits, because just like the hobbits in the books this guy is always going to be smaller than us Big Dogs. I can wait until I can go over and meet him. Can you imagine what that will look like??!

photo+2Oh, and speaking of new arrivals, this fellow just showed up a few days ago in our neighbor’s yard. He is about my size … maybe just a little bigger. I can’t decide if he is another dog. He doesn’t sound like a dog, or smell like a dog, but he is much MUCH smaller than the horses in my yard.

He has fuzzy toes, too. Maybe he is a hobbit?

I think I’ll bring him a doggie treat and welcome him to the neighborhood. Maybe even wish him a belated Happy Puppy Day!

Rainy Day and Saturdays

The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.              – Robert Louis Stevenson

Dad told me that he read a lot poems by Stevenson when he was a boy. Poems about shadows, and swings, and this one, about rain. I mention it today because it is raining.

Bailey 010412 007
It is raining on horses and squirrels,
As well as the parched lawn and tree,
It rains on dad’s broken umbrella,
But worst it rains down on me!

So I stay inside most of the time.
2015I guess that I should appreciate the rain. After all, we need it, and it is much nicer to have the hills looking so lush and green.

And I like running and running, even if it is raining, but it can also be cold, and wet, and when I come inside I get dried off but I have to stay on my bed in my room until I am really dry and I can’t play and jump and …aaa

You get the picture.

I wish it was summer.  Nice and warm, and dry …

When is summer coming, dad?  Huh?


ComicWell, I guess it’s that time of year for you gentle humans again. The big day.

The Big Game.

DW3The game to see who can eat the most soup the fastest (actually, I prefer the Hungry Dog Beef Sirloin soup myself).

No, seriously, it’s time for the Big Game. But for most of you, those of you who really don’t know who is playing this year, the biggest excitement will be off the field.

Off the field and on the the TV screens where the real action will take place … the commercials! And which commercials will be the best? budweiser-puppy-loveWhy, all the clever ones which have dogs in them, of course!

For example, after watching this adorable puppy in this commercial, all you easily-swayed gentle humans will go out and buy whatever they are selling. In this case, they are advertising for big horses. Don’t you need one of those in your backyard?

PuppyBowlAnd, if the commercials don’t give you a big enough puppy fix, then there is always the Puppy Bowl!

Yes, the Puppy Bowl featuring dogs of all breeds and sizes, running around getting to know each other, playing and jumping without any real apparent goal in mind.

HedgehogAnd you gentle humans will watch this. Because you can never get too much of a good thing.

And in this case, the good thing is a puppy!

And hedgehog cheerleaders (I had to include this picture for Nikki, who – for some reason – really likes these spiked animals).

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 026But if you insist that the big game includes a ball, then I say “Go For It!” Go out and get a ball and throw it to your puppy.

And let him deflate it. That, after all, seems to be the secret to winning the game!


97 is an A+, right?

I went to visit with my vet last week. 004 Dr. Clark with Bailey 1-4-13I really like Dr. Clark. She is nice to me and takes really good care of me, ever since I was a little pup. And she always gives me a doggie treat when her examination is done.

So you can imagine my excitement when mom got out my leash and told me that we were going to visit her! I got very excited and started jumping up and down, and mom had trouble getting my leash on.

That’s how excited I was.

bailey vetBut I wasn’t the only one who was excited.  Hamilton came, too, and he was jazzed about getting into the car and going with me.  Maybe he thought that HE was going to get a doggie treat, too!

Well, Dr. Clark said that I looked like a very healthy dog, and that there was only one problem.  She said that I need to lose some weight.  From iPhone 014I now weigh 97 pounds and she said that is a little too much for me. So mom is supposed to start feeding me a low-calorie diet, and I am supposed to get more exercise. I guess that means more walks and more chasing sticks!

At the end of the visit, Dr. Clark still gave me a doggie treat.  But then Hamilton asked for one as well (I told you so!!). She finally did give him one, and guess what he did with it?

He fed it to me!  Mmmm, two treats! I like this diet!

And I will insist that Hamilton come along for my NEXT vet visit!

The Blustery Day

Blustery DayToday, gentle humans, I want to talk to you about a favorite story of mine. Maybe you know about it … I hope that you do, because it is a wonderful story that you should read. It is the story about Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. In this story there is a little breeze that … well, it is much more than a breeze, it’s a full-force hurricane-strength gale, that blows down a big tree in which there lived an owl.

12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 011We had such a windy day here last week. And we had (notice the use of the past tense)  such a tree in which there was – not an owl – but a squirrel. No, the squirrel didn’t actually live in the tree, but he often ran up that tree. Do you remember when I posted about that time I chased the squirrel?

Here is the link if you want to read it again:

This tree, on this particularly blustery day, did indeed fall over, just like the one in the story! The wind blew, the branches swayed, and CRASH! down it came!

Blustery1Luckily there was no damage to the house when it fell. No injuries to pups, either, and the squirrel was off somewhere else at the time. The tree just fell onto the lawn.

One pile … one HUGE pile … of  tree trunk, and tree branches, and tree limbs and tree twigs.

I saw it as one HUGE stick for me to fetch!

I ran over and immediately began to pull and tug and yank on this stick, this BIG stick!  Mom and dad thought that it was funny that I would try to carry off such a big stick, but I have always preferred the bigger ones.  And this was the biggest of all!

Blustery2Well, I tried and I tried to fetch that tree, but even I had to admit that it might be just a little too big, even for a clever dog like me. So I pulled off some nice, juicy branches and lay there next to the tree, chewing on them.

After all, that tree isn’t going anywhere, and it’ll still be there for me to chew on tomorrow.

Unless, of course, dad gets out his chain saw and starts cutting it up.

Cutting it up into pieces big enough for me to carry around!

Com’on, dad, let’s rev up that saw!

New Year’s Puppylution


Hello, gentle humans, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday. I sure did … I celebrated New Year’s Eve with a new puppy toy with a squeaker … and I squeaked it and squeaked it and …

But I have been getting comments and complaints that I haven’t written on the blog lately.  Some of you think that I might have withdrawn from the world, like Snoopy did in the comic above.

That’s silly. It doesn’t snow in this part of sunny California!

But back to the complaints. I’ve gotten comments like this, from Robin:

“Dear Bailey, there has been too long of a paws in your dog blog. You are missed, dear sir.”

And here is what Bill added:

“Too long a paws indeed, with nary a tail.”

2015So, for this New Year, I – Bailey the clever puppy – resolve to write at least one post every week.  I know, I know … if I do that then I may need to change the name of my blog.  But somehow, the “Weekly Bailey” just doesn’t have the same lyrical ring to it.

Anyway, I really do intend to do a better job of keeping you gentle humans informed about what is going on inside the head of this puppy!

I’ll even try to be as punny as Robin and Bill were!  It won’t be easy, however!